marbles 2

Ever heard the phrase “You’ve lost your marbles”? Well, I lost my literal marbles.

I’m sure you are all familiar with the childhood toys… you know, the little glass balls which, no one really ever knew what they were supposed to be used for. You would just roll them around, knocking them into things, rolling baskets full of them down the stairs in an effort to make noise and get a reaction out of your Nan… Oh? No? That must have just been me.. My bad!

Well anyway.. you know the things I’m talking about. What were they even intended for? That is something I will never understand. Anyway, I’m getting side tracked… I wanted to tell you a story, about the day a marble almost killed me..

Wow, I really put a downer on where you thought this blog would go huh? Well, it was a long time ago, I was only 6 or 7 years old. You know… that age when your parents wouldn’t let you chew gum. Yep.. I know, weird of me to chuck that in there… Well it is relevant I promise. Innocent and care free days were those at the age of 6 or 7 years old. A time when your imagination runs wild and possibilities are endless. I swear you can literally see a completely different world if you squint the right way when you are a kid. Well I could anyway. I remember one day, just casually laying on my sister’s bed staring out the window. You see, my younger sister and I shared a bedroom and a bunk bed. I was laying on her bed because she had the bottom bunk and mine was the top and of course it meant I would have to climb up to get to mine, so I would just chill on hers when she wasn’t in the room. Not to mention her bed was a double bed, which at that age was ginormous! But anyway, back to the actual story. I was laying there, inside my imagination where I was chewing gum with my cool friends and we were 13 years old.. or so I was imagining. I mean this is just embarrassing! What on earth was I even thinking!

Have I created suspense? Well, since you can’t actually answer me, I will just continue.. Wouldn’t want you to ‘lose your marbles’ over what comes next, am I right? So, I’m sitting there, imagining I’m 13 years old and chewing gum with my rad friends, only the gum in my mouth wasn’t gum… It was a marble. I was completely in control of the situation, or so I thought I was. I mean sure, I thought about the fact that I could swallow the marble by mistake and yeah, that would be horrific. But I did it anyway. ‘Oh my goodness.. what an idiot!’ thats what you’re thinking right..? Yep, I agree… Idiot! So there I am sucking on this marble and humming along. There were a few times when the marble slipped to the back of my mouth and almost down my throat. That was freaking scary! But not enough of a scare to make me spit it out and continue imagining without the props. Nope, I just kept on going my own merry little way. I remember the house felt so quiet. I don’t even know where everyone was really. But I remember running.. it felt like it took me hours to get to my parents room. I didn’t even feel it slipped down the back of my mouth this time. I just knew it had happened just as I had considered it might and I ran. My feet felt heavy, things looked blurry. I must have been losing circulation. I mean, no air was coming in and none was going out. The marble was stuck, and who knows how far down it had gotten. Even writing about this now I can still feel it in my throat, threatening to end my life, to stop my breathing.

After what seemed like an eternity, I made it to my parents. By this stage I was blue and my parents, well they were white. I remember mum looking up at me and standing up in a panic. Dad rushed to me and his first reaction as a father, terrified of losing his girl and determined to do anything to save her, picked me up by the ankles and starting pounding on my back. Don’t worry! He wasn’t hitting too hard. But he had to get me in the right spot just hard enough so that the marble would come flying out. And fly it did! That marble literally flew straight out of my throat and across the room! Oh, that first gasp of air! I have never felt more terrified in my life!

It’s funny how much we actually trust our parents and believe that we are always safe with them no matter what… I mean, I really thought I was going to die, and even though I was terrified that I may, I still ran to my parents, knowing and believing that they would save me. That day, if he wasn’t already.. My dad became my superhero. My very own, real life superhero. When I took that first breath of air, after what seemed like hours without breathing, he took me in his arms and held me in a tight embrace. Mum was an emotional wreck and I remember her hugging me while we both cried, I guess we were both in shock. Wouldn’t you be?

Life is so fragile. It is tender and it is precious and too often we take the simple things of life for granted. Like breathing perhaps.. or the taste of our food. Really we should just be thankful each and every day that we are able to breathe at all. I know I am, ever since that terrible and scary day. And I never put a marble in my mouth again.


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